Dartmouth Area

Dartmouth Area

Dartmouth Area

Dartmouth is a prospering town situated on the River Dart in Devon's South Hams that has some wonderful attractions, like Dartmouth Castle, Britannia Royal Naval College, Flavel Theatre & Cinema to name a few. Dartmouth's narrow streets, overhanging medieval houses and old harbours, a shelter for yachtsmen and a popular destination for tourists alike.

Dartmouth is one of the most beautiful towns in England and is surrounded by many small villages such as Kingswear, Dittisham and Blackawton, and pretty coastal villages like Stoke Fleming, Strete, Slapton, Torcross, Beesands, Beeson and Stokenham.

You will find charming timeless villages by the rivers in the valleys and more by the coast that have some of the cleanest beaches in Britain, you can get leaflets for how to explore the area by public transport, by bicycle and on foot are available at the tourist office. Dartmouth is a prospering town situated on the River Dart in Devon's South Hams with its narrow streets, overhanging medieval houses and old harbours, a shelter for yachtsmen and tourists alike.

Dartmouth offers fine restaurants, galleries, marinas, antique shops and good places to stay, you can experience the unique history of seafaring by exploring streets such as Jawbones, Flagon Steps, Damnation Alley, Undercliff, Kings Quay, Old Rope Walk and Waterpool Lane. Here you can see unusual, old-fashioned buildings and an old Ship in the Dock, the Windjammer and the Floating Bridge are some of the best places to eat, drink or sleep.

Walk the coastal path

The South West Coast trail goes through Minehead, Somerset and comes to an end in Poole Dorset, covering northern and southern Devon and the entire coastline of Cornwall. The trail is 630 miles long and is considered to be the greatest nationwide trail in Britain, the South West Coast trail also passes through North Exmoor and the rocky and stunning coastline of north Devon, Tintagel Castle in Cornwall and through St Ives all the way to Lands End.

All along the southern coastline you go through rural fishing communities, St Michaels Mount and the Lizard peninsula, walking along this trail is a wonderful way to witness the South West of England.

Berry Head

Berry Head is a peak peninsular in the fishing town of Brixham, it's magnificently undomesticated with cliffs and Britain's smallest and highest lighthouse. There is a coast guard location and a visitor hub, also there's a insolvent fort and a small number of cannons, on your way back stop by at the citadel cafe for a lovely cup of tea or an ice cream.

Slapton Sands

The coastline at Slapton is impressive, as it's quite wide and two miles long, at the western end is Tor cross village, with a pub, hotel, and village shops, cafes and restaurants. In the eastern part is the car park where frequently ice cream vans are found. During winter months the lake is under menace from rough seas throughout the fence road.

Totnes Castle 

There are regular ferry rides from Dartmouth to Totnes, one of Totnes's major attractions is Totnes castle which is the embodiment of past civilizations and a surviving remnant of the Norman motte-and-bailey castle that reflects a rich heritage. The castle has some splendid views of the River Dart and the surrounding town, at your own leisure you can enjoy a walk to the nearby Totnes Guildhall that is a surviving example of medieval ages.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Just 2 miles away from Totnes Castle is Berry Pomeroy Castle set in a woodland setting that is shrouded with many tales and folklores, when wandering around the site of the old castle and manor house, take in the atmosphere, and try to imagine the intrigue and skulduggery that went on during its heyday, and then maybe, just maybe, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one of the many ghosts that patrol the walls. For anybody with an interest in history, this is a must.

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