Devon Towns

Devon Towns

Devon Towns



Brixham is primarily a fishing port within Torbay that has a long and rich history, in the lee of Berry Head, famous for its Napoleonic connections, and its lighthouse and magnificent limestone cliffs, Brixham remains a popular resort that has plenty of activities for the young and old alike, so take a short drive from Dartmouth to reach the harbour area of Brixham and enjoy a day out in this old fishing town.


Totnes is an architectural feast for those who love to see historic buildings, the towns character has its roots firmly placed in rich cultural heritage, there's also the picturesque river Dart that runs through Totnes. In Totnes you can enjoy shopping for that perfect gift whilst listening to busker's or you could take a nice trip along the river Dart to Dartmouth, whatever you choose to do im sure your visit to Totnes will be a memorable one.


Kingswear is situated on the east bank of the River Dart, the buildings in this village rise steeply from the river, with it's delightful streets, pubs, Bistros, medieval churches and the historic Kingswear Castle. There is a ferry ride that you can take from Kingswear to Dartmouth which is very popular with tourists and offers some great views of Dartmouth from the river Dart, in fact the scenery here makes Kingswear a top tourist attraction and an ideal location for your holiday.


The town of Dittisham lies very close to Dartmouth, the Dittisham road is just 3 miles from Dartmouth, and the picturesque village of Dittisham is a unique place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Enjoy breathing clean fresh air, while admiring the glorious beauty of the countryside, Dittisham provides the ultimate destination for enjoying the many boat rides and long walks that are available in the area.

Anyone who visits Dittisham should not miss out on the opportunity to visit the Agatha Christie Gardens, which is one of Dittisham's major attractions, Dittisham is quite easy to reach by car or public transport.


The "Ideal English Village" is what Gittisham is often referred as, the village itself has a babbling brook with thatched cottages making Gittisham an ideal place to visit, again lying quite close to Dartmouth. The village itself is very old and can even be found in the Domesday Book where the place is spelt as "Gidesham" also during the bronze age Gittisham hill was used as a burial ground, all this and more make Gittisham a great day out.

Slapton Sands

The tranquil landscape portrays breathtaking views of the sea and its pristine coastline, Slapton is located between Dartmouth and Salcombe, with it's wooded valleys and sandy beaches make this area a great place for camping. There are innumerable natural coves and rock pools that create the best play area for the children, also the beaches here are ideal for sun bathing making Slapton a perfect holiday destination.


Beesands is a charming fishing village next to Stokenham village which is an interesting place to visit, with it's many thatched cottages. At Beesands there's a children's playground area as well facilities for swimming, riding and even birds watching, if you enjoy history then it's well worth visiting the village's historic chapel, there are also souvenir shops for you to buy that perfect gift.

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